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The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programme at UNIVERSITY is designed to provide a candidate an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible expertise in the chosen field of interest through Extensive course work and intensive research. The main components of the doctoral programme at UNIVERSITY include a combination of specialized courses and a research thesis under the supervision of an experienced researcher.

The objective of Ph.D. degree programme is to promote highly qualified researchers required for the expansion of fundamental knowledge and innovation through research & development.

UNIVERITY shall offer Ph.D. programmes in the following fields of research:

  • Maritime Education
  • Marine Engineering
  • Nautical Science
  • Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering
  • Harbour and Ocean Engineering
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Coastal / Marine Management
  • Inland Water Studies
  • Estuarine Studies
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Maine Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Maritime Policies
  • Shipping and Logistics Management
  • Maritime Law & Marine Insurance
  • Maritime Fleet Operations Management
  • Port Management
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Allied Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Life Sciences) and Marine Information Technology
  • Interdisciplinary


  • A scholar possessing Master's Degree / M.Phil / M.S (By Research) of this University or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto in the fields of study notified from time to time by this University is eligible to register and work for the Ph.D. Programme.
  • Eligibility Criteria: A minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 5.5 on a ten point scale in the qualifying examination (50% marks or CGPA of 5.0 on a ten point scale for SC / ST Candidates).


There shall be three categories of Ph.D. candidates: Full-Time, Part-Time (Internal) and Part-Time (External).

  • Full -Time candidates are those who pursue doctoral work in Full – Time at University.
  • Part – Time (Internal) candidates are those who are employed & working at University.
  • Part-Time (External) candidates are those who are working in a Recognized College / University / Laboratory / Research Centre / Industry / Organization / Government Department anywhere in India and Abroad provided they are approved by the Board of Research of University .


  • A candidate desirous of registering for Ph.D. programme shall submit the application in the prescribed Registration form which can be downloaded from the University website.
  • The candidate must mention the name of the School and Department in which admission is required.
  • Admission is subject to not only on academic record, but also on the availability of a research supervisor and facilities in the area of research.
  • Candidates will be selected based on written test and interview.
  • Based on the written test and interview, the candidate shall be provisionally selected and register for the Ph.D. programme on payment of fees.
  • Provisional registration for the Ph.D. programme will be done quarterly (on the first week of January / April / July / October).
  • Provisional registration will be confirmed only after the completion of the courses prescribed and based on the recommendation of the Doctoral Committee.


  • Eligibility: Any faculty member already recognized as Supervisor for guiding Ph.D. scholars in University is eligible to guide M.S. (By Research) scholars. For interdisciplinary researches that require more than one expert, a Co-Guide shall be approved by the Director Research with the recommendation of the Board of Research.
  • Number of Scholars: A Supervisor shall guide only a maximum of ten scholars (including Ph.D. and M.S. (By Research) put together) as Supervisor / Co-Guide at any time. Additional scholars, if any under extraordinary circumstances, shall be decided by Director - Research on the merit of the cases, with prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Change of Supervisor: When a Supervisor of a scholar happens to be away from the University or retires from service on superannuation or leaves service, an alternate Supervisor shall be nominated by the Director - Research based on the request of the Supervisor along with the recommendation of the Head of the Department of the Supervisor. When a Candidate represents for change of Supervisor due to certain circumstances, Director - Research appoints alternate supervisor based on nomination and recommendations of the Board of Research.


  • Faculty members of UNIVERSITY/ other recognized Universities / colleges / research laboratories / research centres / industries / organizations / government departments shall be recognized by University as research supervisors
  • Recognition of a Research Supervisor / joint research supervisor / Co-guide will be approved by the Board of Research on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor.
  • A Ph.D. degree in the relevant or allied areas of research in which he / she proposes to supervise the candidate.
  • A research supervisor shall not normally supervise more than eight doctoral candidates at any time unless the Vice-Chancellor specifically permits more than eight doctoral candidates.


The normal duration of the Ph.D. programme is as follows:

  • Full- Time : Three Years Minimum : Two Years
  • Part –Time (Internal) : Four Years Minimum : Three Years
  • Part –Time (External) : Four Years Minimum : Three Years

One Year relaxation in the duration will be given to M.Phil Candidates.


  • The Doctoral Committee for the Ph.D. candidate shall consist of minimum of three members including the Research Supervisor. The Research Supervisor / Joint Research Supervisor shall be the Convener of the Doctoral Committee.
  • The doctoral committee for the Ph.D. candidate shall be constituted within a month from the date of provisional registration.
  • For forming the Doctoral Committee the research supervisor of the candidate shall furnish a panel of six experts (three faculty members from Academic and three members from Research Organizations, Industries, Reputed Research Labs / Reputed Research Groups) in the field of proposed research. The Head of the Department of University will be the second member of the doctoral committee and the third subject expert member will be nominated by the Vice Chancellor either from the panel of six members or from other than the panel of experts.
  • In the event of the research supervisor leaving University temporarily or permanently, the Vice-Chancellor shall nominate a joint research supervisor on the recommendation of the Director – Research who shall be the convener of the Doctoral Committee.
  • The Doctoral Committee shall meet at least once in a year during the course of study. The Doctoral Committee meeting will be conducted in the University campus or through Video – Conferencing after getting approval from the Vice - Chancellor.


On grant of provisional registration to the Ph.D. programme, the candidate must successfully complete the following requirements:

  • . The candidate shall take a minimum of 3 courses out of which one course is Research Methodology which is compulsory and obtain a minimum of B (50 - 59% or above) in each course. M.Phil candidates are exempted from the course on Research Methodology.
  • The candidate in consultation with the research supervisor and with the approval of the Doctoral Committee shall take courses relevant to the field of research offered at University.
  • If the courses are not offered at UNIVERSITY, the candidate may attend the courses in an institute / research lab (recognized by ) or register for self-study courses subject to the approval of the Doctoral Committee. In such cases, the research supervisor shall obtain prior approval from the Director-Research and submit the grades obtained at the end of the course.
  • Only courses taken after the date of provisional registration shall count towards the course requirements. The courses already passed by the candidate shall not be counted for this purpose.
  • Candidates provisionally registered for Ph.D. programme should complete a minimum of three courses within 2 years from the date of provisional registration.
  • After completion of the course work, the candidate shall appear for a oral /written comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination will be conducted by the Doctoral Committee. If the candidate fails in the comprehensive examination examination, the candidate shall be given one more chance after six months but within one year.
  • The Ph.D. registration of the candidate is confirmed once the candidate successfully completes the comprehensive examination.


  • The Research scholar may publish papers arising out of the thesis and in such publications the candidate must mention the affiliation with University in addition to other affiliations, if any.
  • The Research scholar without specific written approval from the University shall not publish the entire thesis as a whole.


The Board of Management shall approve the award of Ph.D. degree to the Research scholar.


Notwithstanding anything contained in the above said regulations, the Board of Research and Academic Council reserves the right to modify any of the above said regulations from time to time.

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